This is simply one of the most fabulous families on the planet! Each fall I look forward to hearing that little ding on my phone going off letting me know that they’re in for another session. Fabulous!

Not only are they absolutely gorgeous and so easy to work with, but their hearts for each other and God simply pour out of them. I am blessed to know them.



Oh my goodness…this wedding was simply perfection. From the moment the day started I knew that it was going to be a good one…but I had no idea just how fabulous it was going to turn out.

To me, the thing that makes the difference between a “pretty wedding” and an unforgettable event is the people. These two families truly encompassed love. Every word, every action, every moment was so full of the love that they have for one another and it was so evident throughout the day. It was truly a blessing to get to be a part of these families becoming one.

Now…for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the sneak peek! I had a REALLY hard time narrowixng down my favorites so there are probably more images here than usual…enjoy!


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Saturday’s are like gold to me.  It is the one day that I have the possibility of actually having 24 hours to do whatever I would like.  I can be uber productive on projects around the house, spend time editing images from the week’s photo shoots, get lost in the kitchen preparing meals for the next week, or just lay on the beach and do absolutely nothing. Really, the options are endless and every Saturday brings a new surprise.  Last Saturday certainly did not disappoint.

The morning started out pretty fabulously: dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing floors. It was definitely a party! Then, I got to spend the rest afternoon wrangling kidos! They were headed to a birthday party and needed an extra set of hands. Picture this…4yr old + 3yr old + 18mth old…in a ceramics shop…with cupcakes. Are you getting an idea of the fun we were about to have?

Well, luck would have it that we showed up 30 minutes early, so we let #1, #2, and #3 run free in the park for a few minutes.  Thankfully I brought the camera along for the fun. There is something that I love about three kids whose outfits don’t match, hair isn’t all in place, and are running free just letting me capture them being the most fabulous versions of themselves. As I was looking through these, I just kept thinking…what a perfectly imperfect day.

I guess you want to see the pictures…so I’ll stop rambling…


Because it’s Friday…because I would rather look at this sweet little face than do what I’m actually supposed to be doing right now…because this much cuteness should be shared with the world…

Between baby Caleb and his big brother Cole…this session most definitely tops the charts for the most fun newborn session! What could possibly be better than this?


And…just because jumping on the trampoline while mom feeds Caleb is sooooooo much fun…here are a few of the funniest kid I think I’ve ever met showing off his moves!