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Home Is Whenever I’m With You | St. Simons Island, GA

Now that the storm has passed I’ve been holed up at my sisters house thinking about just how thankful that I am for family.  Through rain or shine, hard times and good times, no matter where we are…we are family. That is all that matters! And whenever we are together we are home. Today I am thankful for home. I am thankful that even if the winds had blown my house away or the floods had invaded, I could still find home. Because home isn’t a house…it’s whenever I’m with you!

These last few weeks have been full of family sessions that have been such a sweet reminder of how special and unique each family is.  None of them look the same. None of them act the same. There is not one family that is the same.  They are all uniquely beautiful creations and watching the connection that happens at our sessions amazes me EVERY single time.

I’ve known this little guy since he was just days old. It’s hard to believe that he is a wild & free 4 year old already! So, when I got the call from Valerie that she had received news of a cancer diagnosis we jumped to schedule a photo shoot for her and Landon. She wanted to document their connection with one another…before surgery…before chemo…before their lives changed forever.  It was such an honor to get to watch this brave mamma hold her baby tightly and play freely. You’d never know that just two days after this session she underwent major surgery. Praise God the reports that came back were all overwhelmingly positive!

One of the things that I STRIVE to capture during every session is connection. And even thought Landon didn’t want to sit still or slow down, I think we captured his HUGE personality and the connection of this momma and son so perfectly! These small moments are the ones that matter, the ones we want to cherish, the ones that get us through the hard times.

“Lion of Judah, shepherd and keep mommy and Landon all the days of our life.”

Children, Family

As we were exploring Epworth By The Sea, Landon stopped to draw in the sand like any boy would do.  Watching him, I couldn’t help but notice how intent he was on what he was creating.  This wasn’t just “playing in the sand.” So I asked him what he was drawing. “Family.” was his simple reply. Then it dawned on me…In the movie “Good Dinosaur” Arlo was trying his best to communicate his deep sadness over loosing his family with his new little human friend, so he collected sticks representing each member of his family and then encircled them in the sand, “family.”  Family is The Most Important Thing!!!

Children, FamilyWild. Free. & Brave

Flowers have been a special gift from Landon to his momma since she received her cancer diagnosis.  Little reminders of the simple beauty that surrounds us and new life that is continually springing forth!  We reached the gardens at Epworth By The Sea and Landon just couldn’t resist picking a few special flowers to share.

It was a simply beautiful day out so we decided to finish up the session with some ice cream and a bit of play at the park! It doesn’t get much cuter than this…

Children, FamilyChildren, FamilyChildren, Family

Every night I ask him, “Do you know how much I love you?” And he says, ” a moon back and ever and ever.”

Children, FamilyChildren, Family

Take a minute and leave this sweet momma and her little some words of encouragement in the comments below.  I’m sure she would love to have them to treasure!

  • Harriet Alvarez

    Valerie, this story is beautiful, you and Landon are beautiful and I pray that your cancer allows you to have many many more beautiful moments just like these. You are an inspiration!

  • Patrice & Jamaal McGhee

    I just love the connection my beautifully spiritual woman of God friend has with her son. Since 18 years ago, Val has ALWAYS been special in my life. Your belief, faith and the passionate love of God has enlightened you for the doubtful believers. Yes, God has given you an AWESOME testimony! WE LOVE YOU VAL!

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