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Thoughts from hurricane Matthew

Last Thursday I stood in my house taking one last look around trying to decide if there was anything left that I would be heartbroken to loose. Having received the notice that we were under a mandatory evacuation due to hurricane Matthew making it’s way up the coast, I had packed up all of my valuables, not knowing what I would come home to…or if there would be a home to come home to.

treasures from hurricane matthewOf all of the “stuff” in my home, the things that mattered the most in that moment were the photos of my family. The couches and dishes and even my newborn props could be replaced, but these photos are priceless and precious to me.  There was the album of photos that my mom put together of my first few days of life and the photo of my hero, my Great Grandmother Clara Belle, as a little girl with her family that I simply could not leave behind. I also made sure to make room for my baby book that holds some of my most precious treasures.

Thankfully the storm turned and weakened just enough to keep us from the 9-12 foot swells that they had warned us of, which would surely have ruined my home and many many more.  We were truly blessed that the storm did not cause the catastrophic damage which was expected.

As I have looked back on the last week I have found myself wondering why it was those items that I chose above all of the others to bring with me. At first I thought it was just because, as a family photographer, I am naturally drawn to photos. But, I think it’s deeper than that. Much deeper.

Family photos show us where we came from, where we belong, and remind us that we are never alone. Looking back at that photo of my Great Grandmother, I am reminded of a woman who worked hard her entire life, lived through some of the toughest times that our nation faced, and loved God with an unstoppable love. As I have thumbed through the album of my first days I saw in my mother’s eyes the love and amazement that she had as she held me in her arms. And in my baby book there is a dollar that can NEVER be replaced (among many other treasures).

family-photosFamily photos, when displayed beautifully on your walls, remind us that we belong. That no matter what life throws our way, we can always come home, not to a house, but to a family.  They capture the love and connection that we have that can never be replaced.

When I am photographing a family or a wedding or a newborn, my goals are always the same: capture the true personality of each person and capture their connection with one another.  Because, in the end, that is all that really matters. That’s how we want to remember and be remembered.

In light of all of that…I am setting a lofty goal for myself this fall of photographing 25 families! Even typing that number is a little scary for me. But, I want to capture the love and connection of 25 different families before we put a close to 2016 and if I put it out there for the world to see…then I HAVE to do it! Right?

Will you help me reach my 25 family goal?  Will you help me create these treasures of belonging for 25 families? How, you might be asking yourself:

  1. Allow me to photograph your family! 
    Let’s create some images of your family that show your love for each other and unique connection with each other.
  2. Refer me to a friend! 
    For each referral that books and completes a 2016 session you will receive $25 towards your next session fee (there is no limit to the amount that you can earn)!  Think about it, if you refer four friends who book sessions then your next session is free!  It doesn’t get much better than that.


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